What are the new generations of wood for wooden houses?

What are the new generations of wood for wooden houses?

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Answer: the new names corresponding to different manufacturing techniques.

Today it is possible to find new generation construction wood on the market which is gradually replacing traditional solid wood. The lamibois comes in the form of a tray of very variable size. It is used to make beams, floors, freestanding panels, portal frames or uprights. Thin and light, it is however very resistant. The cross-laminated panel is a last generation wood. These are calibrated and laminated spruce blades. Very robust, it is used for floors, roofs or walls. Very practical to use, its installation is very fast. The wall in revolving wood is also a last generation wood. It consists of spruce planks held together by beech wood dowels. Very light, it is easy to use and install for walls or floors. Finally, the hollow floor box, which is a latest generation wood, has a continuous surface cut to measure. It often plays the role of carrier, acoustic and thermal insulator, or protection against fires. You too, send us your DIY question.