What are the different solutions to reinforce a floor?

What are the different solutions to reinforce a floor?

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Answer: check the solidity of the existing load-bearing wall before any work.

Old floors tend to move, creak, and become flat over time. Likewise, if you want to build attic space to recover living space, it is necessary to reinforce the existing floor that will accommodate your furniture and various installations. Before any work, the condition of the existing floor should be checked. If it is made of beams, it must be ensured that these are not damaged or separated from the wall, because otherwise they will have to be changed. The simplest solution is often to double the number of beams and to connect the whole thing by wide planks in OSB which will ensure the stability of the whole. It must also be ensured that the load-bearing wall can support this new load, because between the beams will be added cement or concrete. There are lightened concretes on the market which precisely avoid overloads on the structure of the house and allow easy and light constructions. You too, send us your question brico Sanding a parquet Our practical DIY videos