Burglaries: mistakes to avoid!

Burglaries: mistakes to avoid!

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It is during the holidays that your home is most at the mercy of burglars! So to go on vacation calmly, it is better to guard against burglaries by avoiding a few mistakes that could encourage thugs.

Mistake # 1: Let the mailbox overflow

To avoid catching the eyes of burglars, it is recommended to pretend that your house is still inhabited. Also, the first clue that shows your absence is often the mailbox overflowing with mail. To avoid giving this indication to burglars, a neighbor is then kindly asked to come and pick up the mail from time to time to give the impression that the house is occupied. If this is not possible, know that you can also forward your mail for the duration of your vacation thanks to a dedicated post office service which will cost you ten euros. You can thus transfer the mail to your vacation spot or to a relative who will take care of the reception. If you live in a building, don't hesitate to ask the concierge.

Mistake # 2: Not warning anyone

Leaving without warning anyone is not a good idea because you will not be able to count on your neighbors or your friends to take a look at your home. In fact, if your neighbors know that you are not there, they will not hesitate to warn you if they notice something abnormal. Note that it is also possible to notify the police station of your absence thanks to "Operation tranquility vacation 2013". This allows you to request surveillance of your home so that patrols ensure that everything is in order, day and night, weekdays and weekends. And this surveillance is sure to deter potential burglars. Finally, if you are not sure to leave your house unattended, you can always hire a home sitter who will come and stay with you to keep the house and possibly the pets.

Mistake to avoid # 3: deprive yourself of a security system

If you are going on vacation or extended weekend regularly, or your home is fairly isolated, perhaps you should consider investing in a security system that is sure to deter potential burglars. The alarms are quite effective and can alert neighbors or even a security company which will then move in the event of a trigger to verify that everything is in order. Other more sophisticated security systems also exist. You will be able to equip yourself with surveillance cameras for constant security or with a fog gun to prevent burglars from stealing objects once in your home. Anyway, remember to close all the openings to not facilitate the work of thieves and prefer so-called security windows which will be easier to force. Removing a door block Our practical DIY videos


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