Focus: the bistro chair

Focus: the bistro chair

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An essential monument of design, the bistro chair, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2009, is still on trend. Its amazing history and its developments are to be discovered in our shopping selection.

Chair n ° 14, a meteoric rise

The whole story begins with the order from Anna Daum, then owner of a café, who is looking for practical and elegant chairs. It is Michael Thonet, German cabinetmaker and industrialist, who responds to his request, creating chair No. 14. He is developing a system for bending wood that allows new creations in design.

Technical and implementation

Placed in a steam oven for 5 hours, the wood is softened by humidity. The workers then have 3 minutes to fold it, before it regains its solidity. This innovative wood treatment technique launched the brand and allowed it to develop. Orders are linked and the success of the chair is almost immediate. The industrialist will then have the idea of ​​selling it as a kit, a revolutionary sales technique for the time, which will reduce transport costs.

Bistro style decor

For over 150 years, the chair has continued to sell. We can opt for the classic version to stay in the spirit of yesteryear. But many designers have created models inspired by the Thonet chair to give it a more contemporary look: in colors, in plastic, or even in an armchair… it exists today in several versions to suit everyone's tastes. Small overview of bistro-style creations: Our practical decoration videos