Mistakes to Avoid When Living in a Loft

Mistakes to Avoid When Living in a Loft

Living in a loft claims to love large areas, open spaces and to know how to live together, especially if you have a very large family! Appeared in the 1970s in the United States, lofts were housings in hangars then abandoned. To find this bohemian spirit, it is advisable to avoid a certain number of errors to be on to transcribe the state of mind without false note!

Don't put a brick wall

The image of Epinal of the perfect loft is located in New York, with a breathtaking view of Manhattan and red brick walls left exposed. This vision we all have, but it is not easy to reproduce especially when you live in France! However, it is possible to instill this spirit by betting on a brick wall, even if for the moment you are still looking for it! A very simple solution is to cheat and adopt a relief wallpaper, visual deceptions or wall coverings that faithfully reproduce the effect of brick. A wall is more than enough to give your interior a cachet made in New York.

Do not open up spaces

This is one of the key features of the loft. The walls fall in favor of a single open space. The outlook is fluid and the volumes are clear. So the kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom are one and the same room. If this simple prospect worries you, know that the half partitions are an interesting alternative that allow you to split the space without partitioning it. Also, glass brick walls, glass roof, Placo® find their place between the bathroom, the living room or the bedroom to keep some privacy.

Do not create different living areas

Developing a loft is not an easy task. A word of advice, make the most of the space because in front of the imposing dimension of the room you are helpless as to the arrangement of the furniture. For example, your section of kitchen wall can be extended by a central island or your sofa will be used to distinguish the space between the kitchen and the living room or the headboard will define the sleeping area. Above all, avoid putting all the furniture against the walls and leaving the empty space in the center. In summary, take over the central space to create different living areas!

Do not keep the imprint or the memory of the old life of the building

Before becoming a home, your loft had a very different life from the one you offer it today. Know how to keep this imprint by preserving the old beams, the old floor, the large bay windows and even the small imperfections that make this place lived another life. If you build your home with a loft spirit, invent these memories of time by betting on a beautiful canopy or by installing a metal staircase or by betting on large openings. Now it's your turn to play!