Mistakes to Avoid on the Lawn

Mistakes to Avoid on the Lawn

To get a beautiful green lawn, in good health, here are some suggestions of mistakes to avoid.

Don't water too often

- Avoid watering too often. Once a week is enough to cause deep rooting of plants. - If you water daily, the roots of the lawn will remain close to the surface and at the slightest dryness, the plants will not survive.

Avoid over-shaving

- Mowing should not be too shaved. Do not cut more than a third of the strand's height. Better to mow more often than mowing too short, which will weaken the plant. - Never mow in the morning when the grass is still wet with dew. Use your mower to mow your lawn only when it is dry.

No excess fertilization

A little fertilizer is fine, too much fertilizer, hello burnt roots! Apply special granular lawn fertilizer in the spring when the vegetation starts to grow again. Too much fertilization is as harmful as not at all.

Do not abuse weed killers

Unless you are a perfect English lawn purist, a few dandelions in the lawn do not deserve to spill overly chemical weed killers. Use a small manual auger to pluck the culprits without damaging the lawn.

Watch out for chlorosis

Chlorosis is a dieback of plants resulting in yellowing of the foliage. It is very often due to a leaching of minerals from the soil by too intensive watering or repeated rain. Attention, to fight against chlorosis, iron sulphate should never be spread on a dry lawn. In this case, you risk burning the roots. Find all the mistakes to avoid in your garden.