10 highly styled coat hooks for the teenage bedroom

10 highly styled coat hooks for the teenage bedroom

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If the hooks generally invest the entry, their side "storage space freeing the ground" is also very coveted in the room of the teenagers. Jewelry, clothes, bags, hangers, hats and tote baskets hang happily on it. It remains to find trendy models that will energize the wall in style! Marking.

Graphic coat hook

At Presse Citron, we love the novelty of the 2012/2013 school year: the very graphic Pied model. His particuliarity ? A "molecular" design: black branches connecting different round but flat coat hooks, all having drawn their color from the 3 primary colors.

Photogenic coat hook

Another cult hook signed Presse Citron: the "M 3" model composed of 3 mini magnetic frames to personalize using photos! Teens and their incorrigible love of memories of holidays and moments with friends should soon succumb…

Sports coat hook

For sports enthusiasts, Leçons de Choses offers us a skateboard board on which the wheels become… hooks. Simply irresistible and ultra stylized.

Gourmet coat hook

Donuts as hooks? Here is an idea to eat. At Fleux, their frosting is with strawberry, chocolate and vanilla for a truer (and more fun) rendering than life!

Trompe-l'oeil coat hook

A hook in the shape of a switch, that tells you? Petites Productions declines this idea in red, pink, green, orange, yellow, gray, brown, black and white to create the illusion on the walls while injecting a splash of color!

Offset coat hook

A coat hook revisiting an everyday object XXL version, we love it! This is the case of the Trombi model unearthed at Alinéa. As its name suggests, its shape of paperclip makes the buzz on the walls, whether affixed above the desk or elsewhere!

Cocooning coat hook

For cocoon room desires, let yourself be seduced by the blue or purple felt coat hooks (and balls) signed Normann Copenhagen. Chic!

Urban coat hook

To consolidate an urban decor, the hooks in the shape of soda capsules "Decaps" by Fly should be all the rage…

Black & white coat hook

Hands that seem to say "hello!" Could also take over the walls to spice them up with a touch of fun. Called Handy by But, their black or white color asserts itself in a "positive / negative" graphic style.

Industrial coat hook

Because the industrial style is one of the most popular in the teenagers' bedroom, we readily adopt the "screw" hooks (in the form of 3 large wall screws) to find at Fleux.