Kirigami or the art of paper cutting

Kirigami or the art of paper cutting

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After origami, a strange new name invites itself in creative hobbies! We then discover a new Japanese technique called kirigami. You do not know what it is ? Do not panic, offers you to discover this new trend in creative hobbies and even advises you for a first initiation.

Where does kirigami come from?

First of all, you should know that the word kirigami comes from the Japanese kiru which means "to cut" and from kami which means "paper". Initially, kirigami was born in China where many folding and paper cutting techniques were practiced. It then spreads to Japan which gives it its letters of nobility by developing it in particular in religious ceremonies and in temples where a paper flash often finds its place.

Kirigami and creative hobbies

After origami, creative hobbies are therefore interested in this technique which consists of cutting paper and putting it in volume. This allows you to create shapes in several dimensions such as cards where an image unfolds when you open it pop up. To initiate you in this art, you will find manuals of creative hobbies which will guide you step by step. "Pop-up cards in kirigami" by Keiko Nakazawa offers 55 models of kirigami cards on themes that will allow you to send cards all year round. All the patterns are in the book and the models are simple to make to allow you to initiate yourself in this art. Discover some kirigami creations from Keiko Nakazawa's "Pop-up cards in kirigami":


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