How to choose your aluminum veranda

How to choose your aluminum veranda

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An aluminum veranda is not chosen lightly. Better to take the time to reflect to study as much the plan of the veranda, as its color and its different materials. Indispensable criteria to have a veranda installed in your own home, which will blend in perfectly with the outdoor environment as well as the style of the house.

A veranda plan adapted to the configuration of the land

In addition to determining the surface area of ​​the future aluminum veranda, it is important to decide on its shape. This is of course a matter of taste, but is often dictated by the configuration of the garden and the look of the house that she will intimately marry. Perhaps it will be embedded between the house and an annex type garage or other dependency? It can also be L-shaped, supported on a construction angle, even hexagonal or simply square or rectangular.

What roof for the veranda?

From its shape will depend the type of roof, namely flat, star, four star slopes, a slope. The veranda can also be Victorian or have the appearance of a gazebo. It must be recognized that the imagination of the owner has something to express itself, the challenge being to respect a beautiful architectural harmony between this glass roof and the house. And if there is one point to be taken seriously, it is that of thermal performance on which interior comfort will depend intimately.

A glass roof focused on well-being

The shape of the aluminum veranda will also determine ease of movement, as well as functionality. It must be practical, and if possible exposed as much as possible to the sun. We therefore take care to question its orientation. This will have an impact on the view that the occupants will be able to enjoy when they settle in their aluminum veranda. A significant element because the veranda is a place particularly dedicated to relaxation and well-being. Perhaps tailor-made is the solution to consider.

Spotlight on the color of the aluminum veranda

One of the many advantages of aluminum is that it can comply with all requirements - even all fantasies - in the field of color. We can therefore give free rein to his creativity to give this glass case a trendy look, capable of making it a unique place. The color of the aluminum veranda can meet regional codes: a wood tone for a veranda in the mountains, a lavender blue in Provence, a dark red for the Basque Country. We try to find harmony with the color of the shutters of the house, the gate and the fence and we opt for a labeled product guaranteeing a longer duration and easy maintenance.

Choosing the equipment for a functional canopy

The choice of equipment for the aluminum veranda should not be overlooked as it determines comfort. A veranda is a glazed space which undergoes temperature variations with the seasons. It must therefore be good in winter with economical and clean heating, but also in summer. Interior and exterior blinds, motorized or not, as well as roller shutters are perfectly suited to this type of construction. They are available today in different high quality materials, capable of constituting a real insulator against excess heat. Do not confuse veranda and greenhouse if you want to spend hours without suffering. A good ventilation system must also be installed there as well as judicious lighting. Finally, to avoid being invaded by insects in the evening, it is better to offer fully integrated mosquito nets, in polyester, fiberglass or even aluminum.