Winter sports inspire decoration

Winter sports inspire decoration

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We were waiting for their big comeback. We missed winter sports! Fortunately, from the top of the 3 valleys to the giant skating rink of the Grand Palais in Paris, it is on snow or ice that we enjoy the start of winter. And when this is not the case, interior decoration takes over!

Winter sports accessories as decorative elements

Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and sledding are not just on the snowy slopes! When this equipment is equipped with an old style or equipped with latest generation features, it deserves to be exposed to everyone in the house. A misappropriation of ephemeral object came to celebrate winter and the chalet style without having to spend a single penny. As for the staging, there's no need to worry: putting each of these elements in the decor is a breeze! We hang the skis on the ceiling, we align our snowboard collection on the walls and we put snowshoes above the fireplace like works of art. And it's not over ! We can also hang; on a wall hook, a pair of ice skates to create a more feminine frosted atmosphere, or even use vintage sleds as decorative supports for plaids, candles and others!

Strongly inspired patterns

After the staging centered around sports equipment, it is now the turn of the decorative motifs to pay tribute to winter sports! Spotted on the job, the "Skis" cushion from the Chehoma brand. His series drawings (glasses, sticks, hats, pullovers, sleds and gloves) transport us to the altitude in two stages, three movements. In the same spirit, we like the lampshade "Foulée" of the Grand Comptoir on which a landscape including chairlift and skiers seems to have been painted by hand. As for the "Altitude" storage bag from Iosis, it proudly displays the knitted pattern of a cable car cabin. Everything to appropriate a little more the sports that make us love the cooler of the seasons!


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