Santa Claus is a junk, cult film, set from the 80s!

Santa Claus is a junk, cult film, set from the 80s!

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Come on, a little humor and fun in our conventional arched Christmas table! It will therefore be a snorkeling in the heart of the film "Santa Claus is a junk", in which the actors of the troupe of Splendid camped very curious characters ... Or the art of shooting an eighties decor, kitsch and dated as possible , in the service of a hilarious comedy that has become cult.

Diving in the 80s

Okay, the story takes place in the 80s and the set of the film is as old as its heroes (or anti-heroes) are marginal. One thing is certain: our decorative (and clothing) tastes have greatly evolved since the release of the feature film from the eponymous play! The fact remains that the charm of this twisted comedy relaying the journeys of Thérèse and Pierre Mortez working at the telephone switchboard of an association on Christmas Eve is intimately linked to its period decor! Wallpaper with floral patterns, graying and faded color code, large plaid sofa, wall lights with multiple shades… In short, the perfect antithesis of a bright, chic and refined interior! But even laugh about it, let's do it!

Wink in our holiday decor

Before December ends and Santa Claus takes to the road for the North Pole, nothing prevents Santa Claus fans is a junk to inject a touch of humor in their Christmas Eve decoration ... The idea to prick? Print the faces of the different characters to turn them into funny and unusual place cards! It only remains to indulge in a joyful "home cinema" session to rediscover this legendary film worn by many of our favorite actors: Thierry Lhermitte, Marie-Anne Chazel, Gérard Jugnot, Christian Clavier, Josiane Balasko, (la voice of) Michel Blanc…