5 mistakes to avoid with a black and white bedroom decor

5 mistakes to avoid with a black and white bedroom decor

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Mistake # 1: unbalancing white and black

Opting for black and white is good! Knowing how to balance the two shades is even better! Indeed, the latter should not have the same place: remember first of all that black must be significantly less present than white, and that even if it is a color that you love, it should not be put on all the walls or on the ceiling at the risk of reducing the brightness of the room.

For a black and white bedroom decor successful, black can however be perfectly highlighted on furniture and decorative items, with small subtle touches.

On the contrary, white can be present everywhere: on walls, furniture, fabrics and even all decorative items!

Mistake 2: do not vary the materials

If you choose one black and white bedroom decor, you may run the risk of having an interior that lacks radiance. To avoid this, it is essential to vary the materials, to diversify the colors, to alternate the matt and the shiny… Dare to mix linen, velvet, wool, lace and cotton!

On the furniture side, it is possible to choose wood stained black and varnished or white lacquered to bring shine for example. Because of their nuances, mineral materials are also featured in the black and white decor.

Error # 3: opt for 100% black and white

Attention, opt for a black and white bedroom interior is quite risky, as it may be sorely lacking in life! To keep your bedroom cozy and welcoming, be aware that a black and white atmosphere can also include all shades of gray.

The color should not be eradicated, it can be present in small touches through green plants or small decorative items for example.

To bring character to a black and white room, you must pay particular attention to the choice of materials which must be very qualitative, and do not hesitate to opt for natural materials for the authentic side.

Mistake # 4: abandoning the warm atmosphere

Contrary to popular belief, a black and white bedroom decor can be very warm! And to do this, you can:

  • Play with the lights;
  • Use and abuse plaids, rugs and cushions;
  • Dress the walls with frames of all kinds but in black and white.
  • Daring thick fabrics like velvet at the window curtains.

Mistake N ° 5: favor the united

So that your black and white bedroom decor is not dull, avoid large solid areas and do not hesitate to favor fabrics with patterns, stripes or dots. On your white or black sofa, place a multitude of cushions in various fabrics, dare the rugs and the designer lamps, give free rein to your imagination!