What colors should be given for an interior under the sign of autumn?

What colors should be given for an interior under the sign of autumn?

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As in fashion, the decoration gives way to the colors of autumn: warm colors, intense browns as well as the alliance of parma and yellow. These colors awaken your interior by incorporating warm and bright shades. In autumn and winter, these shades will provide energy to your decoration while providing natural and delicate warmth.

An invigorating autumnal orange

The orange color recalls autumn and in particular the leaves that drop from the trees to offer the spectacle of an orange, warm and reassuring flowerbed. Recreate this autumnal universe in your interior by wrapping yourself in a decoration turned towards this orange color. This shade is in the spotlight in interiors. The orange shade symbolizes nature and the environment. Orange is ideally suited to white or gray. From light to dark, experiment with all the nuances of orange to warm up your interior. If you opt for a carpet in this same shade, be sure to choose neutral colors on the walls such as off-white. The orange is used by touch and it accommodates with sober colors.

An authentic spirit in shades of brown

The browns bring warmth and conviviality to your interior. To make a space under the sign of autumn, consider using all the variations of brown. On the walls, opt for an alternation of colors between gray and beige. On the ground, choose a rustic parquet in a raw, waxed or stained wood highlighting the marks of time. Light up the room with the presence of an essential element: the cream-colored carpet. It helps to keep the brightness in a room. These shades of cream, gray, beige and brown warm the atmosphere and give the opportunity to set up a cozy universe by the fireside to prepare for winter in a gentle way.

The perfect combination of parma and yellow

Parma and yellow complement and combine to offer a sensual and chic fall decoration. Color takes over in your interior to avoid sinking into melancholy. This combination of colors brings warmth and romance to your interior while meeting your expectations in terms of originality. The freshness of yellow combines perfectly with the elegance of parma on the walls thanks to a bold and elegant wallpaper. Color invades your universe to enliven your decoration. Wake up your style by imposing the delicacy of this shade. It will go well with a very light solid oak floor to play on a contrast effect. Finally, choose a carpet in the same purple tones for a perfect harmony between the colors.