What is a low temperature radiator?

What is a low temperature radiator?

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Answer: it is a radiator with water at only 50 °, combined with a low temperature boiler or a heat pump to save energy.

The low temperature radiator is a conventional water radiator, in which the water temperature is lower, about 50 ° C against 70 ° C or 90 ° C usually. Important clarification: only the water temperature in the radiator is lower, the user does not feel the difference at all. The low temperature radiator heats up as well and brings the same kind of comfort as the others. To operate, the low temperature radiator must be combined with a low temperature boiler or a heat pump. It is therefore a device that consumes less energy and is more ecological. But its price remains quite high at purchase, it should be considered more as a long-term investment. More bulky than conventional radiators, low temperature radiators are not suitable for all rooms. You too, send us your brico question