Video: maintaining a potted plant

Video: maintaining a potted plant

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Do you have plants that you haven't repotted for several years? Over time, the roots tend to invade the entire pot in which they are installed. If you want to see them develop properly, it is essential to provide them with a new substrate. Alexandre Risser, landscaper, emphasizes the importance of maintenance and gives you some advice on potting. Discover them on video!

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Remove the plant from the first pot

For his demonstration, Alexandre chose a wisteria whose roots invaded the pot. At this stage, it is essential to change the container plant and offer it a new substrate. For this, it is necessary to separate the earth and the walls of the pot using a spade for example. Do not hesitate to put it to bed to facilitate the operation. Once the shrub and the pot are separated, remove the old drainage which will be replaced by a new one later and cut the roots which are all around the root ball.

Prepare the second pot

In the bottom of your new pot, place a drainage plate. Here, Alexandre uses a simple piece of polystyrene which will help the water to drain properly. Above, have a filter that will prevent the soil from clogging the drainage hole. Do not forget the classic drainage layer which can consist of clay balls or simple gravel.

Repot your plant

Then you just need to put soil and insert your plant in the pot. It is important that the substrate fills the entire container and that it fits into all the gaps. To do this, you can use the spade handle to pack the soil. Finally, water copiously. The goal is to remove all air voids so that the roots do not dry out on contact. The first watering, also called sealing, is therefore of crucial importance. Once this step is finished, put a layer of potting soil on the surface. Your plant can now grow under ideal conditions. The potting operation will have to be repeated within three to five years, when the roots have again invaded the entire earth. In the meantime, you can simply maintain it and enjoy it all year round! Find Maintenance of potted plants on Produced by Minute Facile.