Kitchen: what accessories to protect my table?

Kitchen: what accessories to protect my table?

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The kitchen table often has to adapt to many needs. It welcomes the preparation of meals, homework or coloring for children, afternoon tea or even dinner and must therefore be protected so as not to be damaged. Tablecloth, placemats, oilcloth, will be your practical and decorative allies, you still have to choose them well. Take a look at our shopping list.


Not at all old-fashioned, the placemats can still be integrated into the kitchen decor. If we say goodbye to plastic models, however, we open the door wide to those braided or very elegant fabric. We like the round shaped sets that create a graphic table decor and the sets with very charming liberty patterns.

An oilcloth

Stain resistant, shockproof, waterproof; the oilcloth has everything to make your life easier, but it reminds you of granny's cuisine and its bland colors? Well, we are going to show you that today it has a new look and that it can be very decorative. Concrete effect, graphic patterns, trendy colors, all you have to do is find the one that will protect and decorate your table in our shopping list.

A tablecloth

The simplest solution to protect your table is still to cover it with a tablecloth. But not just any ! It must adapt to the style of the kitchen and not denote. Country look? Adopt a red or blue Vichy model. Contemporary cuisine? Turn to geometric patterns or timeless sober or colorful stripes according to your desires. Our practical table decoration videos