Danish scenographer Pernille Picherit unveils the lifestyle of his compatriots

Danish scenographer Pernille Picherit unveils the lifestyle of his compatriots

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Rather accustomed to creating her office, than promoting the art of living of her people, Pernille Picherit scenographer and designer was kind enough to answer our questions, on the occasion of her staging organized at the Maison du Danemark, for the exhibition "Danish Living". It helps us uncover the secrets of the Danish lifestyle, the happiest people in the world .

What is the decor recipe for a Danish interior?

Decoration in Denmark is more present than in France! There is always an aesthetic reflection that is carried out. Our winters are long and harsh, for this we like to find ourselves warm at home with family and friends. This is called "hygge", which suggests conviviality and a good atmosphere. Also, you will not see tiled floors among the Danes. It's way too cold! We prefer the warmth of wood. Likewise, we abuse textiles that warm the room by their simple presence, and which offer very appreciable acoustic comfort. Cushions, throws, curtains, rugs are present in all Danish interiors! Likewise, we give an important place to light. Being very rare in winter, we have different light sources everywhere in the rooms. And two essential accessories for all Danish: candles for the atmosphere and warm plaids in the garden to enjoy the outdoors even when it's cold outside!

So, what is the difference with French decor?

In France we show up more outside. You like to be in a restaurant or in a cafe, unlike the Danes who invite you more easily to their home. In Denmark, the house is a bit like a second skin, a refuge and it remains just like its owners. We are proud to show our guests all the rooms in the house and explain our decorating intentions. For example, if you come to my house, I will show you around my house without any hesitation or pretension, and I will explain my latest decor favorites. An important concept to remember: the decor is based on the personality of the inhabitants, that's why we like things that last over time, which are functional and simple. In addition, the house is also designed for children. We let them run and play and once in bed, we only get rid of the toys!

Why is design also present in Denmark?

In Denmark the design is not new. The country has a long history which has lasted since the 1950s. The latter is above all democratic. It is found everywhere, in luxury but also in everyday objects with a small dose of humor to the key.

What are the latest trends among the Danes?

There are many reissues of the great design classics, especially with the 100th anniversary of Finn Juhl, two years ago and this year by Hans Wegner and Børge Mogensen. In terms of colors, black and metallic finishes such as copper or gold are coming back in force. For the decoration of the walls, the graphics put under frame or the new formats of wallpaper which lengthen their standard dimensions from 53 cm to 106 cm dress more and more the walls! We also like mixtures of materials. An example that illustrates this beautiful combination of materials is the Cupertino desk at BOconcept which mixes wood veneer, textiles and lacquer. Pernille Picherit Designer and scenographer www.picherit.fr The House of Denmark 142 avenue des Champs Elysées 75008 Paris www.maisondudanemark.dk Our practical decoration videos