Video: cold enamelling

Video: cold enamelling

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To enhance cardboard images that you greatly appreciate, Gilles Bouchet, specialist in creative leisure, offers you to learn how to make cold enamelling, thanks to his complete kit.

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Cold enameling: image preparation

If you want to enamel your paper images, you must first stiffen them. Indeed, paper alone cannot resist enameling, and you risk damaging your image. Before switching to cold enameling, laminate your visual on a PVC support of the right size. Pass a soft cloth on your image by pressing lightly, to stick perfectly. Then prepare a work plan by placing an aluminum foil to protect, and place your image on three plastic caps, to raise it.

Cold enameling: composition of the mixture

To do your cold enamelling, you will need the full kit from Gilles Bouchet. Start by preparing your mixture, using a third of hardener and two thirds of resin. Mix for two minutes so that the dough is very homogeneous. Then pour all of your dough on the image, before placing a bell to let the product work. Fifteen minutes later, the product is applied homogeneously. Let dry 24 hours under the bell. With Gilles Bouchet's method, your images will never have been so well preserved. Watch the video Make a cold enamel on an image on Produced by Minute Facile.