I want a covered terrace

I want a covered terrace

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Do you want to extend the evenings in the open air at the end of the season, take advantage of outdoor meals as soon as the first spring rays appear? Opt for a covered terrace! Whatever the style, shape and size of your terrace, you will however be required to comply with the legislation in force and a few important points before you start building. Find more articles on the theme: Quotation of exterior landscaping works

The single-storey terrace covered by a canopy overhanging the roof

If the terrace is built under an existing shelter, no declaration will be necessary. If the awning is built with the terrace, your project involves a prior declaration of work insofar as the footprint is greater than or equal to 5 m2 and less than 20 m2. If you plan to have a terrace greater than 20 m2 of floor space or if you plan to raise it, a building permit will be required. As a general rule, it is the footprint that will determine whether or not to file a building permit. In all cases, consult the town planning rules in force and specific in your municipality or your residential area. This precaution will avoid inconvenience and litigation in the neighborhood, especially with regard to the view of neighboring properties. The administration can also estimate, after work, that the color or the shape of the awning installed does not correspond to the standards in force in the region or that they modify the external aspect of your habitat.

The raised terrace

It may be a single-storey terrace with the ground floor but being raised more than 0.60 m from the garden. This is also the case for an upstairs terrace. In these two cases, the rule is the same as before. Below 5 m2, no formality is required, between 5 and 20 m2 and beyond 20 m2, a declaration of work and a building permit will be mandatory respectively.

Important points before starting construction

Before asking for a free quote for your terrace, do not overlook certain elements. The location chosen for your terrace is of great importance. You should take care, as far as possible, to install it according to the orientation of the sun. To benefit from maximum sunshine, a location in the south will be ideal. However, you will need to use materials for your roof that, while respecting the architecture of your house, will avoid turning your covered terrace into a furnace. Plan for sufficient dimensions to make the most of your covered terrace, knowing that at least 10 m2 will be necessary to install a table and 4 chairs and that 30 m2 will allow you to divide your terrace into 2 spaces, divided into a dining area and a relaxation area with deckchairs.