Patchwork dresses bed linen

Patchwork dresses bed linen

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Almost everyone knows about patchwork as this type of fabric is so old. This season, he returns to the decor by settling on the bed linen to give it a traditional and original look at the same time. Rediscover this fabric that you can also compose yourself!

The origin of patchwork

First of all, you should know that patchwork is a very old principle which consists in assembling several pieces of fabrics of different shapes and patterns. Originally, this technique was used to recover: old scraps of recovered fabrics thus give birth to a new textile. If today this type of fabric seduces and we find it already composed, nothing prevents you from embarking on the making. You can then assemble several pieces of fabric that you like in order to create your unique and personalized composition. The trick: keep a certain harmony in the colors for a successful patchwork.

Use the patchwork in the bedroom

The patchwork will be able to be installed on all of the bed linen, whether in the bedroom of adults or children! You will find, for example, complete sets that will give a country or more contemporary style depending on the pieces of fabric used. If you want to avoid the total look, then you can settle for a bedspread that will set the tone on your bed or just a few cushions that will bring a little color to your classic bed linen. One rule: a single patchwork for the entire bed! Our practical bedroom decor videos