Copper: trend of the season

Copper: trend of the season

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Copper is the trend of the moment. It is found in its raw state through our decorative objects, but also as a color on our walls, our furniture and even our fabrics. Bright and warm, copper is an asset to create an authentic or contemporary decor. Using and abusing copper, just like copper, is also bringing a chic touch to its interior.

The copper color

The copper color is a warm, shiny and very trendy color. It adapts to classic and traditional interiors, as well as contemporary interiors. The copper color has its place in every room of the house. We find it on the earthenware in the bathroom, in decorative objects and light fixtures in the living room and bedroom, on kitchen utensils that seem to come out of our grandmothers' cupboards or in the form of paint or in decorative fabrics.

Trendy copper objects

Copper is making a comeback. For a long time, the shiny material was present in homes, whether in terms of pipes or kitchen equipment. Today, copper is diverted, reworked and reused. It is found on light fixtures, candlesticks and sometimes even revisited furniture. Copper is also a very trendy color that saturates curtains like cushions. Today many creators are inspired by copper for their creation. Julien Renault, Karim Rashid, Max Lamb, Shane Schneck, Trent Jansen, Tom Dixon and Mattia Bonetti are all designers who use metal which was once a symbol of eternity.

Bringing copper into his house

Anyone can bring copper inside. Indeed, whether the color is present on your cushions or whether you customize a piece of furniture, copper will bring a touch of authenticity or modernity. The copper color can be used in the form of paint or with fabrics. On a piece of furniture, a decorative object, crockery or simply in the heart of a floral presentation, the copper color warms the atmosphere and brings a high-end touch to your interior. Copper as a material is used and diverted as desired. Let your imagination run wild. Thanks to copper, you can make sumptuous lights or candle holders, you can customize a piece of furniture or create original containers. Whether you hijack your grandmothers' pots or hoses, the result is always up to your expectations. Copper can also have its place in your original form. Like antique furniture, kitchen utensils can be recovered, restored and used as decoration. Pipes are also making a comeback in our homes. As practical as they are aesthetic, copper pipes offer an incomparable cachet.

All I want for Christmas is copper!

To decorate the holiday table, we all hesitate between gold and silver. However, copper is the festive color par excellence. Bright and warm, copper can be used on dishes, candle holders and even the centerpiece. Our practical decoration videos


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