What tiling to choose for my kitchen?

What tiling to choose for my kitchen?

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Answer: a different type of tiling for the floor, the worktop, the walls.

It all depends on what use. We do not choose the same type of tiling for the floor, for the work plan or for the walls. There are several large families of tiles: earthenware, porcelain, stoneware, enamel and terracotta. For the floor or the worktop, it is better to favor very resistant tiles such as enamels and sandstones. While earthenware and porcelain will be more suited to the walls of your kitchen. Note that terracotta is naturally porous, and therefore requires varnishing to use it in a humid environment such as cooking. When it comes to style, it's a matter of taste of course. Bright colors for a modern kitchen, or more mat colors for a traditional atmosphere. If possible, avoid the white tiles, otherwise you will spend your time cleaning it just to make it retain its original shine ... Our practical videos