Garden book: "Create your own organic aromatic garden"

Garden book: "Create your own organic aromatic garden"

We often just plant a few aromatic plants to complete our crops. However, these are so numerous and varied that they offer very great possibilities; visually as well as olfactory or gustatory. With Brigitte Lapouge-Déjean and Serge Lapouge, simply grow your aromatic plants without using any chemical whatsoever.

(Re) discover the aromatics

Easy to maintain, aromatics often adorn the paths of our gardens. Mint, basil, chives, parsley, thyme, etc. Each plant requires specific growing requirements, and has its own properties and uses. But to take full advantage of its benefits, it is still necessary to properly deal with it and know when to pick it. To do this, follow the many tips of the two authors of Create your own organic aromatic garden . Brigitte Lapouge-Déjean and Serge Lapouge, respectively organic gardener and landscaper, are the authors of numerous specialized books and founders of the "Jardins de l'Albarède" in the Dordogne, classified as remarkable gardens. The book, which is aimed at both new and experienced gardeners, highlights 58 different aromatics; enough to replace the most classic varieties with new scents, new flavors.

Grow the aromatics

Each aromatic is the subject of a particular file, illustrated by the watercolors of Loren Bes. The 100% natural sowing and maintenance techniques specific to each plant are explained. In addition, you will learn how to prepare your soil, transplant or even how to multiply the plants. The aromatic harvest being a crucial stage, an important part of the work is devoted to it. You will thus be able to distinguish when they deliver all their aromas, under what conditions to pick them or even using which tools. Create your own organic aromatic garden reviews the different possible growing spaces: on the ground, in a planter, in raised tubs, etc. You can even start designing a medieval garden or landscaped borders. Finally, since aromatics have repellent properties, you will learn which plant to place at the foot of fruit trees, roses or next to vegetable plants, in order to prevent any attack by pests.

Use the aromatics

The book also explores all possible uses of aromatics; especially in the kitchen. What could be more satisfying than cooking the plants that you have grown yourself? Condiments, gravy dishes, soups, desserts, liqueurs, infusions, etc. You will inevitably find among all the recipes offered a way to fully enjoy your aromatics. Also discover their medicinal benefits, and learn how to make your own infusions, decoctions, balms and other 100% natural treatments. Create your own organic aromatic garden , by Brigitte Lapouge-Déjean and Serge Lapouge Éditions Terre vivante 288 pages, € 27.40. Learn more: Visit the Terre vivants website All our Doctor Plants videos