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Install paneling

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Because it is simple to install, but also insulating, durable and aesthetic, the paneling finds its letters of nobility. The famous frieze is getting up to date again with generously-sized slats in multiple colors. New generation materials contribute to the good reputation of paneling, and everyone finds in contemporary paneling the decorative solution they hoped for.

Practical advantages of paneling

The paneling allows interior renovation at a lower cost. Damaged walls and ceilings change their look in two days thanks to the paneling, and without the need to undertake large dusty and disturbing work. It harmonizes with all styles. It can be painted, supports to delight the listels, friezes and other trendy decorations. The paneling is very easy to maintain, and it is a very significant sound and thermal insulator.

Paneling for a trendy decor

So that everyone's creativity can express itself without limits, the paneling is available endlessly and is created in new materials. Solid wood, varnished, ceruse, wood fibers or PVC, matt varnished, planed wood, hydrocire or sawn appearance, it also adorns the most trendy colors. It brings an indisputable decorative touch. The paneling can be placed on the ceiling or on the walls. It is particularly suitable for warm, rustic or contemporary atmospheres. To be placed on the walls or as a simple room divider, the paneling has its place everywhere, even outside.

The installation of wood paneling on battens for an incomparable longevity

Now the paneling is installed in all directions, namely diagonally for more fantasy, vertically to visually enhance a room, horizontally to give an impression of width to the room. Everyone can use the paneling as they please and give their home a very personal accent. The wooden paneling is to be pegged or screwed onto battens. These form a perfectly flat framework and allow air to circulate in order to ventilate the underside of the slats. The battens must always be perpendicular to the direction of installation of the paneling. For a diagonal paneling installation, it will be necessary to add a frame at the periphery. The ends of the boards will come to rest on them to ensure good rigidity for the entire paneling. After securing the electrical wires then reassembling switches and sockets in a recessed box, the installation of the paneling can begin. On the frame, the paneling boards will either be clipped or nailed.

The ideal PVC paneling for glued installation

PVC paneling is the easiest to install. Glued installation is recommended for small width paneling boards not exceeding 7 mm thick. It simply requires that the support be perfectly dry and flat, an essential condition for the final appearance to be perfect. Indeed, the adhesion of the PVC paneling blades can only be total on a flawless support. Neoprene glue is recommended for this type of installation. Sold today in cartridges, it can be applied without any difficulty. Our practical DIY videos


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